Miracle Plate
Miracle Plate

JPI have been helped by a range of associates, all experts in their own field.


The Lairdside Engineering Centre.  A leading laser research centre boasting some of the best laser facilities in Europe.   http://www.lasers.org.uk/llec/index.htm


Fianium Lasers.  A world leading supplier in the field of ultra fast pulsed laser technology. Contact is John Clowes.  http://www.fianium.com/index.htm


King Media Services.  Led by Tony King, an authority in the field of computer-to-plate, King Media have been an advisor on the development of miracle-plate technology.  http://www.kingmediaservices.co.uk/


Dr. Martin Sharp.  Martin is a leading expert in the emerging scientific field of Ultrafast pulsed lasers. Martins expertise has been essential in the development of the Miracle-plate technology 


Derwent Technology.  A technology company led by Richard Hutchinson.  Derwent are specialists in the field of aluminium processing and coating http://www.derwentech.com/


PJS Chemicals.  PJS are a leading supplier of conventional and thermal plate coatings to plate manufacturers.  The company is run by the highly experienced Peter Smith http://www.pjschemicals.com/


Interesting article on ultrafast pulsed lasers, useful background reading for anyone new to the field of ultra fast pulsed lasers  http://www.electrooptics.com/features/feature.php?feature_id=110


Laser Focus World explain what ultra fast lasers are and what can be done with them



Dr. Imtiyaz A. Ansari, University of Liverpool, Laser Group, Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre.  Imtiyaz has been an invaluable contributor to the progress of JPI Miracle plate technology and is a leading researcher in the new field of Ultra Fast laser technology
AONE  - Many thanks to AONE, a Chinese printing plate manufacturer that have generously provided JPI with several different types of uncoated aluminium substrate to allow continued R&D on the miracle-plate technology  http://www.aoneps.com/english/english/web/y-index.asp