Miracle Plate
Miracle Plate

Our team

J P Imaging are all senior business executives from the printing plate industry

Dr. Rod Potts

JPI Technology Director                    rod.potts@miracle-plate.com


Specialist Areas
Rod spent 30 years as an R&D leader for lithographic plate leaders DuPont and Agfa.  During that time he registered many patents on conventional and digital plate technology and is regarded as a leading authority on plate technology.  After leaving Agfa, Rod joined JPI, and used his extensive scientific knowledge in the development of the miracle-plate technology. 



John Adamson

JPI Business Manager                    john.adamson@miracle-plate.com


Specialist Areas
John was formerly head of Litho plate manufacturing at DuPont.  A founding member of JPI, John has been involved in several projects for major suppliers in the graphics arts industry.  JPI's most recent project is the miracle-plate project which John has helped to pioneer



Dr. Peter Bennett

JPI Research Director                     peter.bennett@miracle-plate.com


Specialist Areas

Peter spent over 20 years in the printing plate business for Kodak where he was R&D Director for their plate technology.  During that time Peter assisted Kodak with the successful launch of their CtP program and was a key figure in the Kodak transition from analogue film to digital plates.  Since leaving Kodak, Peter joined Dr. Rod Potts and has made a major contribution to the miracle-plate technology.  Peter helped pioneer thermal plate technology and is an expert in the field of digital plate technology.