Miracle Plate
Miracle Plate

J P Imaging Innovation

JPI formed with the purpose of combining the R&D expertise of the former Kodak and Agfa R&D leaders in order to create a novel lithographic plate technology that would make a significant technical and environmental contribution to the printing plate industry.  After several years of research and collaboration with leading Universities and partial funding from the UK Government, JPI were able to file patents detailing a method of laser exposure on uncoated standard grained/anodised aluminium that allowed uncoated aluminium to switch from its normal (oxidised) hydrophobic state into a hydrophilic state. 

The environmental implications are huge and are attracting a great deal of attention from the industry, and rightly so.  Removing the coating, coating solvents and energy needed to dry the coatings is a major breakthrough.  The ability to re-image the surface allows the possibility of a re-usable printing cylinder on press.  Worldwide plate consumption is in the region of 500-600 million m2 per year.  JPI's miracle plate technology could allow the printing industry to operate with a fraction of that plate consumption.  The savings in energy, raw materials, transport, chemistry etc are huge. 


JPI will bring their unique CTP technology to commercialisation and are considering any offers that will add value to the miracle-plate technology, or accelerate its introduction.  Specifically JPI are looking for potential partners that share the vision of making a significant environmental contribution to the printing industry.  Call John Adamson on +44 7752 273275 for more information