Miracle Plate
Miracle Plate

Welcome to J P Imaging - Inventors of Miracle Plate

The most important breakthrough in CtP since the introduction of thermal !


JPI is a science company founded by three highly experienced graphic arts executives:

Dr Rod Potts.  Former R&D Director for Lithographic Printing Plates at DuPont & Agfa

Dr Peter Bennett.  Former R&D Director for Lithographic Printing Plates at Kodak

Mr John Adamson.  Former plate Manufacturing Manager at DuPont


After several years of research and collaboration with leading Universities and partial funding from the UK Government, JPI have sought patent protection for a method of laser exposure on uncoated standard grained/anodised aluminium that allowed uncoated aluminium to switch from its normal (oxidised) hydrophobic state into a hydrophilic state. 


Uncoated grained and anodised aluminium will quickly and permanently switch from hydrophilic (at the point of manufacture) to hydrophobic after a few days exposure to the atmosphere unless it is gummed.  JPI have been able to switch the hydrophobic uncoated alumina surface back to a hydrophilic state using ultra fast laser pulsing to temporarily hydrophilise the aluminium surface.  It does this by modifying the alumina, which creates highly hydrophilic species.  The imaged area is visible as a darker area under normal viewing conditions and as a physically modified area under magnification; on the printing press the plate performs in a similar fashion to a normal printing plate.  The imaged areas take fount and the non imaged areas take ink.  The plate prints for several thousand copies, the maximum run length has not yet been determined, JPI hope to establish this by Q4 2009.  After printing the plate can be cleaned of ink with a standard plate cleaner and returned into the normal hydrophobic state in a variety of ways, for example, by allowing to ‘stand’ under normal atmospheric conditions for several days or by simply heating for a few minutes in an oven